My Approach

    I am a psychodynamically oriented therapist. This means I pay close attention to your patterns or ways of being in the world that are mostly formed in early life based on a child's understanding and need to cope with their environment. These coping mechanisms were signs of strength as you met  the challenges you faced but can become unworkable solutions as an adult. In addition, I  feel our relationship is a mirror for how you are in other relaionships and invite us both to explore what might be happening between us.

    I also use mindfullness, family systems and cognitive behavioral approaches. I look for patterns of attachment and how this has influenced your relationships.  Ultimately this is your work and I trust your inner drive towards self-knowledge and growth. My intention is to create a safe environment where  sometimes painful and often liberating exploration can thrive.

    I work with Individuals, Couples, Families and in Seattle, children ages four through twelve.  I am experienced working with anxiety and depression, trauma and general difficulties working through life transitions. My family work has been with both gay and straight parents, with parents and adult children, and with adult siblings hoping to improve their relationships. I work with couples at various stages in their relationship.


Attention is the beginning of devotion.

Mary Oliver